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Your wedding entertainment is one way you can make sure your guests have a blast. It can also be another way of adding your own personal touch to the event. Your wedding is a party, after all! You want to make it a kick-ass party that your guests won’t soon forget. Whether your goal is to get people moving on the dance floor or to just have some great music accompanying the reception, hiring a wedding DJ can be a great option.

Unlike a live band, a DJ can play the actual recordings that your guests love and crossfade them so there’s no awkward silence between songs. Which DJ you hire will depend in great part on what kind of music you want and what your guests will be excited to hear. If you want a dance party, you’ll find plenty of DJs who can give you one. You can also find DJs who will customize a playlist for you, whatever your tastes. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you hire wedding DJ.

Event agency

Why should you hire an event agency? We’ve all done some sort of event planning in our personal lives or maybe even coordinated a meeting or two at the office. These tasks and projects usually fall on someone who’s main job has nothing to do with event planning. We’re looking at you, Marketing department.

And sure, while marketing and events do go hand-in-hand, it doesn’t necessarily mean your marketing gurus are ready to take on the challenge of a large-scale company event or conference. We definitely advise leaving that up to the pros, the event pros that is. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire an event management company to execute your next event or party.

Coverband booking

Book a cover band from Evenses for a rocking time! The band finder at Evenses booking office helps you hire the perfect live band for your parties, such as an all-around cover band, rock ’n’ roll or tribute band. Our cover bands perform existing hits from well-known artists. Our artists are ready to make your event fantastic. Look no further for finding the best cover band in the UK!

Evenses offers you a wide range of music groups. Our feel-good cover band for weddings can be booked in any genre; you can reserve a pop group, jazz cover band, jazz band, rock group or disco beat band to provide the music at your wedding. You can request a selection of party music performed by famous British singers. If you prefer to hear rock covers from a British cover band, you can book, one of our trendy rock bands.

Other favourite genres and acts as music from the 60s and 70s, Dixie, rock ’n’ roll, top 40, Surinamese band, funk, tribute, classic and all-around cover band. Are you still in doubt about whether you want to book a DJ or a band at your wedding? Then consider one of our party bands with a DJ. Booking a group is a simple proces

Coverband booking

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