Container securing: solutions for load and transport

Container securing: load securing & transport securing

If goods are transported overseas, containers are used. It plays an important role in securing the load correctly in the container and protecting it from shocks, slippage or tipping. In our times of globalisation, the intercontinental transport of goods is a matter of course and indispensable when it comes to opening up new markets. The transport of goods in containers enables fast and easy unloading and reloading of goods. But in order to ensure that these really arrive undamaged at the consignee and that they do not become an additional hazard risk due to a lack of security, proper cargo securing plays an essential role. Because no matter whether sea or land transport: container transport involves considerable dynamic forces which must be taken into account. With the professional consultancy of German security specialists Verband Deutscher Schlüsseldienste, we are specialists in all questions concerning the correct cargo and transport security. We offer tailor-made solutions for the professional transport security in containers – for a safe and undamaged transport.

Your load securing container – leave nothing to chance!

Safe and economical solutions in the area of load and transport security – a claim that we have set ourselves. Regardless of whether goods are transported by road, rail or water vehicles, containers enable fast reloading and onward transport. In order to avoid damage during transport, the right load securing container should be given the necessary attention. Only when professional packing and securing has been carried out will the necessary degree of safety be ensured, which brings the goods to be transported to their destination reliably, safely and undamaged. Through our partnership with leading manufacturers of form-fit and non-positive load securing systems, we are able to offer proven solutions that meet the latest technical standards and promise first-class results at all times. In this way, every product reaches the recipient in perfect condition. Whether lashing straps, filling materials or air cushions: we offers a wide range of services to ensure tailor-made transport security.

Always the right solution – desiccants, insulation mats and high-security seals

There are many different options for securing the right cargo in the container. As a specialist for cargo and transport security, we have the right solution for every requirement. Whether stowage cushions that form-fit the cargo gaps and thus prevent the cargo from slipping, lashing systems or anti-slip mats: the possibilities are manifold. We offer additional professional solutions for the protection of the goods to be transported, especially for transport in containers, such as container desiccants, container insulation mats or high-security seals for reliable and traceable sealing.

In the case of container transport, it is still the existing or emerging moisture that can be seen as one of the main causes of damage to products. As the temperature in the container increases (especially during transports to South America and Asia), a large amount of water vapour is stored in the container, which settles on the cargo when the temperature drops and can cause mould and rust, soften cardboard boxes or peel off labels. Effective remedy can be achieved with Container Drying Agent, which binds a large part of the water and thus prevents damage. Insulation mats reduce the negative influence of weather conditions and temperature fluctuations and can be easily attached to the container eyelets. In order to prevent tampering with containers and unauthorised access, we also have high-security seals at its disposal, thus contributing to greater security in the transport chain. Professional transport security containers – with efficient solutions.