Modern logistics

In recent years, we have modernized our logistics sustainably and developed a new national distribution concept, which also includes six regional warehouses across the United Kingdom. It led to a significant reduction in the transport of deliveries.

Our GILBRAITH fleet with 78 motor vehicles and tractor units is now 1.8 million miles less than before the realization of the new concept. This means an annual reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of more than 1,000 tonnes.

We also implemented logistical optimization programs with industry. We use telematics to significantly reduce transport distances and thus CO2 emissions. Together with our largest supplier, we have implemented an innovative ordering process, which automatically adapts the order and delivery quantity to the truck capacities of the freight forwarders. By optimal calculation, e.g. of pallet stacking, 340 truckloads could be saved while the sales volume was growing at the same time, thus driving around 210,000 transport kilometers less.

This means a fuel saving of 80,000 liters or 226 tonnes less CO2 emissions per year.

Our truck fleet is technically state-of-the-art and is partly operated with bio diesel. In addition, there is an innovative hybrid truck, which is valued for its everyday suitability in regional traffic.

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